You Are Pure Consciousness

With the progress of modern CIVILIZATION, the activity of the mind has increased many folds, now the stage has come when human beings are craving for peace of mind and to achieve it, they are running from pillar to post.

 The basic question which requires to be answered is whether we know our true self. Our busy mind has no time to think WHO AM I? What is my place in this universe and what is the object of the entire creation and of human beings. The question arises in a confused and frustrated mind and every intellectual human feels he does not know what direction he is moving in a short span of life, what he is really supposed to do, whether craving for pleasure through five senses, is the only objective. If happiness is the object and purpose of life what happiness means, am I happy? This muddle of mind and many questions generated by desires and acts of ego have made human life much complicated. Most of the people are running after entertainment which is a temporary diversion from the actual reality of life. Basic question is to know your own self but how? Without self-realization, life is simply like mirage seeking something which slips from his hand while he thinks he has got it.

To realize own self, we should know our self. Mostly we know our self through our body and five senses which are only external and above all we have a mind, but a mind is a machine generating thoughts whether we like them or not. Mostly mind moves towards negative thoughts particularly ego-based and craving for something which we could not get, with all efforts; mind and thoughts are uncontrollable Repetitions of harassing thoughts are big problems for most of us. All this is a superficial activity of the mind and not real reflections Most of our thoughts are useless and peace disturbing. So, attempt to acquire peace of mind through the mind is deceitful and not result-oriented.

hen what to do? Turn to spirituality self-awareness will ward off unnecessary thoughts.

 Awareness requires us to live in the present and go egoless. How can it be done? We have to go deep in our own self through meditation. Materialists will say ‘NO’ it is all nonsense No they are mistaken we have to go spiritual to get peace. Meditate! There are many methods to go into meditation and get rid of worries which are simply artificial cover on the mind. The popular method of meditation is to sit in a quiet place. Close eyes and try to cool down the mind and determine not to think anything, concentrate on your breathe and try to be calm, In the course of time by repetition you will learn to ward off thoughts. Search your true identity you are nature’s best creation. There is light within you, search it, If a diamond has fallen in the mud, it cannot show its glitter, similar is your consciousness which is not showing light, take diamond of consciousness out from the mud, clean it, your consciousness will shine and go ahead and get signal from universal consciousness which encompasses entire universes and you are just sample of consciousness when you are one with universal consciousness you will know your true existence. It will give you insight and you will know universal consciousness of all things in universe transcending time space and matter limitation.

The source of this article is my fathers book published on amazon

Mr M.J.Merchant


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