Committing of mistake is of very ancient origin. Adam and Eve ate fruits prohibited by God and they were asked to leave heaven and descend on the earth. After seeking forgiveness, they were assured by God to be taken back in heaven after pursuing life on the earth for trial. We the children of Adam and Eve would not have come into the existence but for the mistake of the first couple in heaven. 

We daily read in the newspapers about the road, railways, and aerial accidents. In most cases wherein the inquiries are made to ascertain the causes of the accident and identify who is responsible for loss, most of the inquiries reveal that there was a mistake in doing some act either by man or machine. The machine is handled by a technician. Ultimately it all comes on man attending the operation of the machines. Apart from this, we read about death on railway tracks or on the road while crossing roads or railway tracks. Many time victims suffer due to own negligence haste or deliberate act and sometimes over a speeding vehicle or train are the reason for accidental death. The loss of life is due to a mistake or negligence on either side victim or vehicle driver.

 Competition on road to overtake another vehicle leads to accidents. In the same ways to match other’s prosperity due to envy leads to disaster. Such examples are found in our daily life. Mr. X who is Govt Official takes bribe and trapped by A.C.B red-handed, on questioning by inquiry officer he reveals that he envied neighbor buying a very costly motor vehicle and he was chiding me for having old two-wheeler bike so to match his standard I resorted to taking bribe though I was not doing so previously Thus envy is an ingenious human gesture. To make money by hard work intelligently and enter into the healthy competition is all right but to do illegal and criminal acts can only land the person in trouble one day or another day. At Present, there is a tendency among youth to make fast bucks. In the earlier period, three-generations doing business could become rich by 40-50 years for hard work at business or profession, but youths have no patience. 

 They want to be rich fast and boast before friends, neighbors, relatives for achievements in a short time. But after toiling and moiling for a long time when there is little progress, they resort to criminal acts Such as Cybercrimes cheating others. Every day you read in the newspaper so and so got a fake call, Caller posing as bank official asking all the details and passwords and withdrawing money from the bank account of others. The root cause behind such act is rivalry, envy and inordinate desire to become rich in a short time and show to the people how I have earned but when people know about the malicious act of the person who faces prosecution and placed behind the bars, he has no face to show to the society. 

 Another kind of act of such youths are the ones who go to a club and tries to earn in gambling or speculation business or forwarding trading wherein a few profit but most of them fail and we read in newspaper cases of suicide due to failure. Another type of mistake or negligence in pursuing proper studies in overconfidence to prepare in last month preceding final exam earlier eight to nine months they like to wander with girl/boyfriends, have fun and when the exam comes near they are unable to complete the studies and thoughts of enjoyments, chit-chat on a cell phone and watching movies occupy their minds and end result is a failure and very few learn from failure most of them leave studies in between and go for low paid employment as parents no longer able to maintain them. 

Some mistakes have an impact on the life of individuals spoiling their financial and moral career but acts of reckless egotist politicians cause irreparable damage to people of the country they lead by deciding to resort to war to satisfy their own ego. In the last century, the world has seen two world wars and the consequences of such wars are well known and need no mention here millions and millions of lives are lost and wealth worth billions and billions of dollars are lost. In the root of the mistakes, decisions based on personal ego of those leaders in power In the present-day politics, personal ego of leaders is still playing its negative role, which should not happen and good counsel should prevail and welfare of the people should be of the utmost consideration instead satisfying own ego. Nature is graceful and merciful to everyone. A natural disaster like floods, earthquakes, and Tsunami takes a toll on human life and property what are the causes? 

The roots of such a disaster are inhuman behaviors in defying nature. Disaster comes to punish collectively as collective negative karma is behind such calamities. Religious scripture has described evil actions of human beings resulting in calling the wrath of nature such examples are found in Old Testaments and the Quran and others. The people of prophet LUT practiced Homosexuality and in spite of a warning from the prophet, they did not desist from doing sinful deeds At the prophet’s call God Showered stone from heaven (maybe meteorite) Killing the people and burying them under heaps of stone, still that place exists in the Middle East which is preserved as a lesson to the people of all time. In conclusion, the human mistake just as mentioned above and all negative thoughts, acts, ego, anger, and other human anomalies result in loss of life and property Assure that we be more careful and learn lessons from past errors and make life worth living for us and all others.



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