Write review and earn on 2 amazing websites !

Write Software review and earn Money ! Amazing 2 websites to review software !

review and earn money

There are many ways to earn money online.I always get a questions from the clients how to make money online? How to make money online without investments? How to Write reviews and earn money? How to write software reviews and earn Money? How to write reviews and earn money.?

So here I have  an answer to all these questions for you all?

Today I am going to throw some light on how to earn to earn money by writing software reviews.I have done a lot of research on this and have got some important insights on each of the sites that i have worked upon for it.

What is software review

There are some websites which sell software’s,They need to have good reviews  for the software’s that they selling.They are ready to pay for these reviews in form of rewards like shopping vouchers for eg. Amazon, Flipkart and many more.

The amount that you will get in form of vouchers will depend on which country are you located in, and what is the currency exchange rate on that day.You can redeem the vouchers as soon as you get them.The time frame to receiving the voucher is different for each site.

They will review the review you have written and publish it and will release the vouchers.The review needs to be very genuine cannot be copied from anywhere and cannot be just for reward purpose.You need to read the guidlines from each site before you start.

Which are the Software Review and earn sites.

The two best software review sites i have worked upon personally and earned vouchers are Capterra and G2.Both are genuine and legit sites to work upon.But i will provide you the comparision of these two as they both are little different.so lets start.


Capterra is a renowned software review site.With Capterra you can earn money by writing software reviews.You just need to sign up with you email and click on write a review from the menu and start writing reviews.You need to provide a good insight of the software that you are reviewing so that your review will be selected.

Copied content will be rejected.Once you do a review capeterra will check if it is genuine and then release the vouchers after they publish the review.The rewards are around Inr 500 to 750 approximately depending on which software you have reviewed.The time frame to receive the rewards is approximately 3 weeks from the date you write the review. 

Capterra has very strict guidlines and may block you account if you have not followed the guidelines. If your review was good then regularly you will receive request from Capterra to write a review on your email.

So overall Capterra is a good option to write a software review and earn money.But you need to be genuine not fake.


G2 software review is good option to earn from software review.It is less known to people.But i found it much better than Capterra.I will clarify to let you know what is better in this site in comparison to Capterra.The best thing i liked about G2 software review and earn is that it gives the rewards in 3 to 4 business day.Which is much faster than Capterra i would say.

The other better part is their rejection rate is very less in comparison to Capterra. Also their guidelines are very easy to follow.They are more easy to handle in comparison. Also the rate is higher they paid me rs 827 for one review that i wrote .

Their rates are anywhere from rs 500 to 900 depending on which software you have reviewed.They also give you and insight of how many people have read your review.The only negative about G2 i found was that they need a screenshot as a proof of you using the software somehow to make it feel genuine.

 The other drawback is that you cant just sign up and start to review ,you need to go through and an invitation link to review.If you review directly from the site you will not earn anything.I will give you the link below go through that its not an affiliate link i will not gain anything out of it but you will get the reward if you use the link.

G2 review invitation link

Overall Comparison winner

So after all the points covered i hope it gives you clarity on which one to go for her G2 is a clear winner in terms of  writing a review and earning money.But nevertheless Capterra can also be considered as an option for the same.The choice is yours .Both are genuine.I have received vouchers from both many times.

If you would like to know how to write a review i have a detailed video of capterra and one for G2.I have shown payment proof as well in both videos.Pls watch the videos as given below if needed.

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