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·         There is a lot of controversy  about sugar related to health and weight loss .In this article we will discuss the role of sugar in maintaining health and losing weight. To have sugar or not to have sugar if we are looking  to lose weight.

·         Sugar is an important part of life for all of us since we are born. Sugar is there in tea, milk, coffee, desserts, Snacks, biscuits, cakes, chocolates and many more .Today we will learn more details about sugar .

·         If we are looking to lose weight   we need to know the effects of sugar on health. The Refined white sugar that we use is known for empty calories. Meaning it doesn’t have any nutrients vitamins proteins or any other benefits if we consume it. Brown refined sugar is almost the same so that doesn’t help in any way too.

·         There are many other forms of sugar that are even more harmful then the refined sugar. Like any  Snacks that come in the packages like biscuits ,farsan, chivda, Kharri, toast, bread, chips, donuts, cakes etc.They are all full of processed sugar, sweeteners and preservatives. So these are the most harmful.

 If you are looking to lose weight  then staying away from these will do an excellent job to help you shed all that extra weight and specially flatten the belly.

·         Also any kind of cold drinks and fruit juices or  are full of  sugar.Even fresh fruit juice will only spike the insulin in the body will not give you any vitamins .Till the time you have teeth you need to chew the fruits and have them do not juice them. You will end up killing the nutrients. If someone is really old and cannot chew then its ok same goes with very little babies. So please avoid any kind of drinks and juices.

·         The best drink on earth is water and milk. Water is the most underrated drink but believe me it’s a miracle to cure all your health issues. Having water in the right manner and right time is great.

·         In My weight loss journey as well these played a very important role as I was a biscuit and cake lover and Chocolates were my daily habit. But now I don’t crave for them as before.

·         You can have dark chocolate it is great for the gut bacteria and improves digestion helps for weight loss. The darker the better.

·         Normal refined sugar is not beneficial to health like I said before but if you cant have tea or coffee without sugar you can add  a spoon or two to it. That will not cause you a lot of harm like the packaged snacks and beverages. But if you are a tea and coffee lover and have multiple cups of coffee and tea in day I suggest limit the refined sugar in it as much as possible. You can reduce gradually not suddenly.

·         Alternatives to sugar are jaggery, honey, dry dates powder ,mishri  khaand or stevia(plan based sweetener).Do not use any sugar free products they are more harmful.

·         If you want to have any kind of cakes or mithai or halwa or any other desserts do have them in small quantity. Limit the intake to once or twice a week and have it as early in the day ,avoid having in the evening. Also do not have it before or after food. Have it as a meal by itself. For Eg you can replace the evening snack with a piece of cake or gulab jamun. So have it but smartly to avoid any weight gain.

·         Too much of sugar intake can obviously increase weight but also will result in many types of illness and diseases in the body .Cancer feeds on sugar. If we starve our body of sugar the cancer cannot survive there .In fact  no sugar no illness.

·         If we grow old and get diabetes then the doctor will tell us to stop sugar and fruits and rice. Why wait for that day to get all the diet restrictions be set to us by a doctor.

·         Better not have sugar or limit it as much as you can so you don’t have stop it later in old age.

·         Benefits of quitting sugar are your nerves will function well, hence blood circulation will be good. Also you will not feel  lazy or lethargic like before. You will lose weight faster. your skin will look better. Eyesight will improve. Quality of hair will better. And yeast infection fungus eczema in the body will disappear. Gut bacteria will improve. Digestion will be better.

·         The only Benefit of having sugar is that people will consider you as normal.

            So try best to limit sugar intake. If you want to have do it smartly.

       All the best !!!!! 

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