Simple Ramadan weight loss diet plan 2023

ramzan diet plan

Ramadan  is the holy month for Muslims. They observe fast for 30 days in this month. The fasting starts on sighting the moon on the 1st day of the month and ends when the moon is sighted for Eid ul Fitr.

Fasting  is a compulsion in this month in the religion ,as it is considered to be the purification of the Gut cleansing of the body, it also helps to rebuild the good bacteria in the Gut. Hence one month of fasting will cleanse the body entirely. Fasting also helps rejuvenate the mind and sharpens the brain helps  you think better .These days intermittent fasting is a new fashion  in the weight loss industry. Fasting in the month of Ramadan has been here for 1500 years since the beginning of Islam.

Fasting in this month of Ramadan can be beneficial only if   it is done in the right manner otherwise  it may spoil the health and make you sick. Hence the right way has to be followed in order  to  lose weight as well as improve health in the month of Ramzan.

Here I have a diet plan for Ramzan to lose weight.

It is recommended that before Ramadan you weigh yourself and record the weight on a journal or book and also measure your waist with a tailors measuring tape  and record that too and then start your plan as follows at the end of Ramzan please weight and measure yourself again.


In sehri we need to make sure we get up early enough to have a good meal. Wake up freshen up have little water if need ed and then have good meal  .The meal can contain a bowl of Oats(steel cut not instant Oats) with some fruits like apples bananas, raisins ,berries,  almonds ,fig ,dates or any other fruits that you love. You can add milk to oats.You can add few drops of coconut  virgin oil if you are okay with the taste otherwise you can skip that.

If you don’t like oats you can have   malai paratha  or omlette or boiled eggs or even chicken gravy and paratha.Make sure you don’t feel acidic during the day time with it. Chew the food well eat slowly be thankful for the meal eat with family if possible.Sit cross legged on the floor for good digestion.After the meal relax and have a cup of tea or coffee if you need.Wait for maximum time possible then have enough water sip slowly while sitting do not gulp water.

Stell cut Oats


If you are really looking to lose weight in this month its best time to lose upto 10kgs very easily with  very less efforts.Workout for atleast 20 to 30 mins  and do it 30 mins before Iftaar so that if you feeling week or tired due to hunger you will have no problem as immediately you will able to do iftaar soon after workout. You don’t need to go to the Gym you can do simple yoga some light stretches and push ups crunches or burpees at home.You can even consider a walk for 15 to 20 minutes if possible.If you have a treadmill at home that would be easy as well .

Also practice deep and slow breathing excersie for atleast 5 minutes daily this will help you make your mind peaceful and lose weight fast


Iftaar is the most critical time of the day as you are very hungry by this time and people at home and around are cooking tasty food for the breaking of the fast. This is the time we need to be very patient and calculative also very cautious. Do not starve yourself but also we need to eat right in order to get muscle recovery from workout and lose weight.

Break the fast with 2 dates then have  a glass of warm lemon water and honey also add Himalayan pink salt to it. Sip this slowly .This warm lime and salt water will ensure that you don’t feel weak or dizzy during the day as it will fulfill electrolytes in the body.

 Eating and drinking with fast speed  is the habit during iftaar please avoid this. It is not written in any hades to eat  fast.

Wait for some time after that  maybe around 15 minutes you can complete the prayers .After that have very small snack like kebab or chicken barbeque medium piece or anything else that you like chana chaat  besan chilla  paneer or anything  veg or non veg Make sure its less in quantity and full of nutrients and protein .Please avoid any bhajiya pakode or any other deep fried items. Also avoid falooda milk shake pepsi coke tang roohafza or any other juices or beverages. In times of thirst only water is recommended .After that have tea or coffee as desired but very less sugar.


At dinner time have regular food veg or non veg again avoid deep fried items.Have  chicken or mutton gravy with paratha or roti .you can also chicken biryani egg curry rice or pulav.Veg sabzi roti dal rice paneer  or rajma chole as preferred .Add ghee to riice dal and roti as this will help you remain full and you will not feel weak during the day.

Have some salad with the dinner that will ensure that your food is digested well and your stomach will clear well in the morning.

After dinner avoid any desserts and beverages have enough water  you can have curd or chaas if you feel dehydrated but no Roohafza and falooda or custard and lassi  please.

Try to finish dinner early as possible and get enough sleep .If unable to sleep much at night then take a nap in the day time to cover up.

Important Tips

Please avoid having Maida(white flour) in any form like roti burger or pizza noodles or pasta

Please avoid sugar as much as possible.

If you have had a very heavy Iftaar please skip the dinner.

Portion control is a mandate do not overeat for any meal eat just right not very less as well.

Make sure you are not constipated during this month, so you can have aloe vera juice before bed time it acts as a laxative and keeps your body hydrated.So you will have a good bowel movement.

If you follow this it will surely help you lose weight as this plan contains less carbohydrates and sugar and more proteins and electrolytes

Ramadan is the month of purification hence make sure to pray and meditate well to be peaceful and positive avoid any wrong deeds and time pass of the mobile to get full benefit and detox of the body and brain. I wish you all a happy  healthy and peaceful Ramadan

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