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In our quest to be healthy, we have been making a lot of changes to our diet. Most of which have not been for the better: We had a baby and took time off from work, so I didn’t have time to go to the gym. I started eating keto, but that hasn’t helped me lose weight.

What is the keto diet?

The ketogenic (keto) diet is high in fat and low in carbohydrates, with moderate amounts of protein and essential B vitamins. By limiting carbohydrate consumption and increasing fats, you can put your body into a state called ketosis where it burns stored fat as its primary source of energy.

Keto Diet Benefits

This has a variety of benefits — burned fat provides an abundance of energy that can be used to produce cellular repair and growth, which helps keep you regular (and trim) all day long. The good news is that despite having mostly negative reviews online (over

80%!), testing ourselves in real life (we eat high-fat foods like butter and eggs daily), and being actively discouraged by many people on social media (who seem to think we’re crazy), we’ve managed to stick with the program. We’ve lost weight at an average rate of 12lbs per month over the past 18 months or so, which when compared with other diets like Atkins for example is quite impressive!

To put into perspective how well we’ve been doing: • Over the course of six months without fail we’ve lost at least 2lbs each week if not more than 3 times per week. We’re losing weight fast!

I was in the exact same boat as you were: I’d been on the keto diet for two weeks and felt phenomenally better! Then I quickly succumbed to the same old temptations that all good diets have: I ate so much I peaked at one point, then got back to normal and lost weight. But now, two months later, I’m back with a renewed perspective on this. I do not recommend starting on a low-carb diet if you have a history of diabetes or if you have any cardiovascular conditions, such as high blood pressure or heart disease. Also, if you have tried other diet programs in the past and failed,

I would not recommend starting keto diet plan (KD), because it is highly restrictive and may cause immediate starvation symptoms. If you are healthy and your blood sugar is normal (but carefully monitor any protein or carb intake), then start with a low-carbohydrate diet of 50g of carbs per day.


If your blood sugar is lower than 50mg/dl (or higher than 125 mg/dl if you have diabetes) a low-carbohydrate high fat (LAHF) diet could be beneficial for you. For those people who are already diabetic, but are not insulin sensitive, their glucose levels will remain normal even when their carbohydrate intake is low – so please do not confuse carbohydrates with glucose in this case! Keto works very well with Diabetes too.

Points To Remember

The ketogenic diet is a very popular weight loss plan among people. In this keto diet plan, we will go through the various benefits of keto diet and its effect on your body. Keto diet, also known as ketogenic or keto-adapted diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate (70% – 75% of energy from fat) nutrition that starves your body of glucose (sugar). It restricts most carbohydrates intake to less than 100 grams per day and also limits the consumption of protein. It can help in achieving weight loss and maintaining healthy body. To make sure that you are on the right track, it helps to have a proper guide for

you in keto diet plan as well as have an expert advice on how to conduct it at home. The following are some tips and tricks to follow with regards to the use of keto fit:

• Try alluringly simple recipes such as quesadillas or zucchini noodles

• Follow a regular schedule by eating small meals throughout the day (i.e., snack), instead of having multiple large meals at one go, which may result in an unhealthy habit

• Avoid reading blogs about everything related to health and nutrition advice; don’t try to absorb everything at once

• Pay more attention towards food labels (i.e., how much protein) and nutritional content on products you buy; there are many websites which provide useful information for you regarding food labels The above mentioned tips and tricks will help enable you improve your health in the long run by taking care of yourself under the supervision of professional so that it can be properly carried out by one’s self without any interference from others

Enjoy your weight loss journey!!!

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