Indians can earn online with these 2 easy ways for free.

All of us here are looking for ways to earn .Most of us are writing blogs or doing affiliate marketing.

In the process of searching a different and easy way to earn online, I found two simple ways which gave me easy income with very minimal efforts no writing ,no sales and no investments to be done.

Read ahead for the details how to earn for free!!!


The first way of earning through Upstox. No investments required all you need to do is download the app sign up and start referring others. With each referral you get INR 500 and the referred individual gets INR 100.Now if you have friends, relatives, colleagues, audience and customers who trust you. This could be a very easy way to earn online. Just share your links with them. I earned a lot by just just referring my own cousins.This refer and earn offer keeps changing its also goes to INR 1200 a few times in a year so keep looking for changes.Easy money no investments required.Also the person you refer doesn’t pay anything.They can start free as well.

Citibank credit card

The second way of earning is to earn with Referring your contacts to apply for a Citibank India credit card where you get INR 9999 for referring 3 people which is very cool I feel. Also the referred individual gets INR 1000 as cash back after the first spent on the card


Similar to Upstox we also have another investment app to download and earn which is GrowwThat’s also an investment app, but you don’t need to invest anything here as well to earn simply download the app and fill in your details and share the referral link with contacts.Both parties will earn INR 100 here All these apps are completely safe as I have been personally using them for a long time. No cost involved to earn.

So start referring your friends and earn without efforts.

Hope you will find this article useful.

These options are available is other countries as well.But I have no personal experience with those hence you can surely do your bit of research and start on it. Indians can definitely earn from these.

NO requirement to build sales funnel or write articles for these just share your links with your contacts.

This information is true and genuine to the best of my knowledge.Please revert back if any questions on it.I woulds appreciate if you use my links to avail these offers,It will not cost you anything,but will be helpful to me.

Thank you !!

Happy referring !!!!



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