Every human being has an external and internal self. Five senses are in contact with the material side of life. Pleasure and pain are felt through five senses. It is always the tendency of man to Endeavor to satisfy the senses. To live for pleasure is a common object of all human beings, though a few can claim that they lived up to their expectation and satisfaction. Most of the man end up with unfulfilled desires and craving for material gain till last breath.

How so ever man may acquire resources to satisfy the hunger for enjoyment through five senses but the limitation of body spurns him for going ahead. One may enjoy sumptuous food, drinks, dance, music, and move around the world and have material and physical enjoyment to the maximum extent but a point of time body refuses to have any further enjoyment. Sensual pleasures are subject to limitation and as a man grows older, 

sensual pleasures will diminish. Material pleasure is subject to the law of diminishing utility and at the time of reaching advance age, events leading to despair and failures faced in life emerged as negative thoughts and the man feels that he has not acquired anything for his true internal self which is beyond the realm of five senses, it has built-in Divinity and charity and desire for searching self. The satisfaction of the internal self has the tendency to prefer

 Divinity as against material enjoyment. Ultimately the self-searching seeker of truth realizes that real pleasure is in acquiring proximity of Divine self through prayers, meditation, and charity. In fact, internal self-satisfaction has many relations with human bondage and pleasure is much more in giving rather than enjoying individually. To wipe tears and bring simile on the face of an unhappy soul is quite different phenomena than to be drowned in pursuit of material pleasure

To balance the action of the external self and internal self is the real charm of living in true sense. It is up to the individual to find the equilibrium to his level of satisfaction.

Article by my father

M J Merchant

from his book which is available on kindle in the form of an e book

Pathway to spirituality

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