3 simple steps to fix all the gut problems  

Gut micro biome

“Our gut is the 2nd brain “ is this true?  Yes it is absolutely true and hence we need to have a very healthy Gut  in ordered to lead a happy life. Have you noticed that if you feel acidic or feel any kind of indigestion  you feel  very upset and don’t want to talk to anyone. Or if you talk to anyone you may end up being rude, angry or sarcastic.

How is the mood related to the Gut. Yes it is as the Gut nervous system is directly connected to the brain. and hence any Gut issues impact the mood of a person ,So we need to fix the gut problem in order to live a healthy and happy life. How do we do we fix the Gut? I have 3 simple steps with which I have helped myself and family to heal the GUT after reading many books and doing a lot of intensive research. So let’s get started.

There are many gut issues  like leaky gut, SIBO, dysbiosis, IBS and many more. If you go to the doctor they might do some stool ,blood and urine and saliva  tests and prescribe some medications to fix this you can do that, But if you don’t want to go through medications and fix it naturally at home then here we are to help you.

There are three things that can disturb your Gut micro biome

  1. The gut lining
  2. The stomach acid
  3. The gut bacteria

We need to fix these three to feel  better

Signs and symptoms of Gut problem

How do we know if we have a Gut problem in the 1st place? If you feel acidity, bloating belching, vomiting, heaviness, fullness, nausea after having food then you have an issue .Other symptoms could be constipation, diarrhea, bad breath, thyroid , hair fall, hormone imbalance, diabetes, blood pressure, depression, anxiety, fatty liver, Inflammation, brain fog, tiredness, abdominal pain or cramps or any kind of skin problems.

The reason for all of these is unhealthy Gut.

What causes an unhealthy Gut?

There are several reason for Gut issues

1. Eating lot of Carbs, sugar, snacks, junk food and deep fried items.

2. Smoking.

3. Consuming bottled and canned juices and beverages.

4. Eating outside food.

5. Eating packaged or canned food.

6. Alcohol consumption.               

7. No exercise

8. Not getting enough sleep.

9 Consuming Antibiotics or Antacid

10 stress

So fix the issues let’s.

Note:- before starting on this plan I request you all to stop having any Antacid pills that’s the main culprit of the issue..

Gut linning

First the gut lining should be fixed to further fix other two aspects .The Gut lining is made up of mucus and if it is not enough or if it has been damaged  due to unhealthy food and unhealthy lifestyle or taking too many antibiotics then you may feel acidic most of the time. Hence we need to fix this. You need to start consuming aloe Vera juice from a good source make sure it is organic. You can consume half a cup like 15 to 20 ml you can dilute with water if desired  and you can add honey for taste if you feel  the need. Have this early in the morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast. This will fix the gut lining. But it can’t be done for only 1 day .Make sure you do it for at least 2 to 3 months in a row to heal completely and have a good gut lining. If you see any side affects you may stop it or have less frequently or reduce the dosage and see if it works well. Continue if no side effects.

This will heal the lining on the inner walls of the stomach and intestines and give you good digestion

If you don’t like Aloe Vera  juice then you can simple have this powder name “ the leaky  gut” it does the same effect to the gut.

The Stomach acid

 We need a good amount of stomach acid to digest the food well and make sure the food doesn’t ferment in the intestines.

If you have low stomach acid you will have bloating or acid reflux burping which will then cause all the other health problems. Because   if food not digested well you won’t get’s nutrients out of it and will become weak and unhealthy also you may gain a lot of weight. You may also face other health issues like blood pressure, diabetes or any other autoimmune diseases.

Hence to fix this you can have apple cider vinegar daily on empty stomach in the morning  or you can have it before every meal .This will create good amount of acid required in the stomach to digest the food.

Dilute 2 tbsp  of apple cider  vinegar in half a glass of warm water add honey

if don’t like the taste.  Consume it with a paper straw to avoid erosion of tooth enamel. Please buy apple cider vinegar which is organic with the mother in a glass bottle. Apple cider vinegar in a plastic bottle is synthetic and  useless.

If you don’t like apple cider vinegar or are getting side affects you may replace it with fresh lemon juice and honey with some Himalayan salt.

If you don’t like apple cider vinegar or lemon both of these then only alternative is to have a capsule name betaine  hcl pepsin. This creates good amount of acid in the stomach to digest the food.

Have it in the middle of the meal with a small sip of water. Do it with every meal .It will help to digest the food if one capsule doesn’t work try 2 or 3 its harmless. This you can do till you feel healthy minimum 3 months is recommended.

Also remember not to have lot of water during meals this will kill the acid and you will not be able to digest the food. Have water 20 minutes before or 20 minutes after the meal but not during the meal.

gut bacteria

Gut bacteria

Last but not the least after you have done aloe vera juice for 3 months and apple cider vinegar for 3 months you gut lining and stomach acid is fixed you can continue or discontinue those as per your desire  and health situation. Now you need to consume a very good prebiotic and probiotic  to fix  the Gut bacteria  You can do this only if the above 2 solutions have not fixed your gut by 100% and if you think something more is needed then you can do this. But you are happy with the 1st two options then do not go for step 3.

Search for good prebiotic and probiotic consume it on 30 minutes before food .See how it works  it may give you side effects for a day or two try a few times if suits  you then you can continue .If any side affects you can stop or try after some days or stop if still gives you any problems. But if it suits you this will rebuild the colony of good bacteria in your gut and will keep you healthy forever.

Benefits of this plan

You will lose weight and your immune system will become stronger. You will be able to enjoy the food without getting any discomfort. You will be saved from any lifestyle disease like diabetes ,obesity, SIBO, thyroid, autoimmune disease, asthma, blood pressure, insulin resistance and many more.

Points to remember during this plan

You need to follow a healthy lifestyle with this plan. You need to eat homemade food. Avoid any junk food like burger pizza fries biscuits and chips this will destroy your gut micro biome. Eat green leafy vegetables  grains  legumes oats, rice wheat, millets, buckwheat, milk ,yogurt, curd ,cheese butter ghee  different kinds of fruits like strawberries, blue berries black berries, indian ber ,papaya, apples mango avocado, pomegranate ,banana etc,

You need to Quit smoking otherwise this plan will not work even 1 %

Exercise , Yoga or walk for 30 minutes daily this will help you to  get to the best of health within 6 months.

Don’t forget to have daily vitamins like zinc vitamin E and D and vitamin b12. This will help build a good immune system.

Ensure you get good sleep every night

chew the food well sit and eat.

Reduce sugar as much as possible avoid any sugary food and sweet candies or chocolates have only Dark chocolate

If you are under any kind of stress please try deep breathing for 5 minutes daily in silence this will reduce your stress and balance your cortisol hormone to give you a peaceful sleep


  1. Which age group can follow this plan to fix the GUT problem

     Ans) Anybody above 16 years  to 75 years  can go for it safely.Others may need doctor consultation.

  • Are there any side effects?

Ans) This plan is mostly with natural remedies at home hence no side effects but you can stop it if any side effects found.

  •  Can females and males follow the same plan?

Ans ) Yes no issues

  • How long will it take to fix the GUT?

Ans) We have taken several years to spoil the health and GUT also to gain weight and get all the illnesses so its not magical but consistency can fix the issue in 6 to 9 months.

  • Is workout necessary?

Ans) Yes if the body doesn’t move then no medicines will work mobility is the sign of life ,Dead do not move.

  •  Whom can we contact for more questions on this?

Ans)  contact me on venusmarzi@gmail.com

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